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How I Could Have Graduated from College with Over $10,000!!

Over the summer I had the chance to go back and speak at my alma mater, Miami University with my former teammate and friend Eric Washington. We spoke to the football team as well as the Men’s and Women’s basketball team about how our experiences at Miami shaped us, what we took from playing professional basketball overseas, and what we could have done differently during our time at Miami. This was not only a great opportunity to share our story, but also, it was a way for us to give back and tell the next generation of college students what we wish we would have known when we were in school. We touched on a number of topics including the golden opportunity of being in college, how we were challenged by being in a new culture, and of course financial literacy!

After getting feedback on the things the students enjoyed most about our talk, they told us that when we touched on how we wished we would have handled our finances differently while in school was most impactful. As part of being a student athlete on full scholarship, you are given per diem, cost of attendance, and pell grant depending on your situation during your time in college. While not much at the time, a little adds up to a lot over a 4-year period. We touched on the mistakes we made with that money and what we would have done if we were in that same situation today.

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