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Why Who You Surround Yourself with Matters

As I've gotten older, I've started to pay more attention to the people I am hanging out and surrounding myself with. I think as kids, many of us can relate to our parents telling us to be careful who we hung out with. Everyone was not raised the same way and if you weren't careful, they could drag you along with them. I understood it back then, but I never really gave thought as to why they said it and why it mattered so much until recently. I've been blessed to have a really solid friend group that's very small but tight and also a few people in my basketball and business careers that inspire, hold me accountable, and support me. Who you surround yourself with is a key ingredient in how successful you can be and in this post, I will discuss why that is.

As you go down a career path or are chasing a goal in life, it's only natural that you will start to gravitate towards people who are also trying to do the same thing or have already done it. You are going to pick up things from them and vice versa. Hopefully, everyone learns and grows together. I've seen this from the different interviews that I've watched. I like watching interviews of successful people and often times successful people are trying to be around others like them or even more successful than them! There is the saying that "Iron Sharpens Iron!" One example of this that I've seen is Grant Cardone has his show called "Power Players."

According to writer Amir Motahri of Elite Daily

"We are all reflections of the people we keep in our lives and interact with on a daily basis. Their actions and behaviors all resonate and subconsciously influence our everyday choices. Your environment shapes who you are and who you will become. Say you want to become wealthy, surround yourself with people who share your goals or who have already achieved them. Want to start your own company? Start networking with established entrepreneurs — people who share the same dreams, or people who have already done what you're doing. Let life weed out people in your life who you don't want around. Don't surround yourself with the toxicity and negativity of the individuals who don't add value to your life; the individuals who have no prosperous impact on you and only want you to stay around to fulfill their needs. Surround yourself with the innovators, the thinkers, and the listeners; the individuals who want to set a change and leave a footprint in their life and yours, the ones who are willing to help others before helping themselves. Listen to their stories — you'll probably learn a thing or two."

This video is from the 2019 Roc Nation Brunch which featured many iconic celebrities such as Jay Z, P Diddy, Usher, Nipsey Hussle, and more, Kevin Hart explains why you need to be around other winners.

Right now, my circle of friends are all moving like one. In my group, some of us are playing professional basketball, some are working, and others are still in school. Regardless of our different professions, we all have the mindset of wanting to accomplish great big goals, make an impact, create a legacy, and achieve things people look at and say wow. In order to accomplish that we keep each other in check, help each other if one of us is down, and always remind ourselves to keep our eye on the prize. S/O to the 1%! I now truly realize the power of being around people that are like minded and I think it's scary what we are all going to accomplish in the future. Share your story in the comments below about how being around like-minded individuals has positively affected you!