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Top 3 Personal Finance Blogs

As I've said before, one of the reasons I decided to start this blog was because of reading other blogs, specifically personal finance blogs. I was inspired by what they were talking about and reading their posts increased my knowledge on topics I was interested in and had questions about. They helped me, so I want to help others with my blog as well. Their blogs are more centered around finance-related topics and mine is twofold; achieving as an athlete and finance. However, while my personal finance knowledge is at a basic level right now, I hope I am able to progress and eventually surpass their level in time. That being said here are my top 3 personal finance blogs!

*To view the other blogs, click the name and a link is attached to it that will take you to their site.

Retire by 40

This was the first finance blog that I ever read. It started off by me just typing in google, how to retire by 30 and then I searched how to retire by 40 just because I was curious. When I typed in retire by 40 this was one of the first links that came up. The first thing I read was this guy's story and he talked about how he worked in computer services his whole professional career and then decided he wanted to get out of the rat race. This interested me because I had just finished Rich Dad Poor Dad, and this is exactly the type of thing the book was talking about. He introduced me to the concept of FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early. The thought of financial freedom at an early age and not having to wait until you are in your late 50's or 60's was something that sounded like it was for me! He is also a big family guy and talks about how he incorporates his wife and son into how he goes about his financial decisions and keeping things in perspective that family is the most important.

Physician on FIRE

This is probably my favorite finance blog and the one that I read most frequently. I like this blog a lot because it focuses more on high-income professionals. Although he focuses a lot of his material on doctors, he also makes it intriguing for other high-income professionals. Since I will eventually fall into that category, I enjoy learning what he's talking about. One of his reasons for starting the blog is that he wants people in the medical field to get a fair shake from Wall Street and advisors. He realized that because doctors often have high incomes they can be targeted by advisors and led astray with their finances. But, by arming doctors with basic financial advice, he is able to help teach them how to be knowledgeable about their finances. He goes in-depth on different investment options, tax reductions, and lifestyle choices and advantages that come with being a high-income earner. He also introduced me to the concept of FatFire which is the FIRE that I am going to pursue and wrote on in one of my previous articles.

My Money Wizard

This is one of my other favorite blogs and one of the reasons I like it is because the guy who runs it is still in his 20's and because of that I can relate to him. I came across one of his articles when I was scrolling through Apple News and after that, I started reading more of his content on his site. What stood out to me and got my attention is that he had managed to save $100,000 at only 25 years old and by the time he was 27 he had saved over $200,000! One of the main reasons I like his blog is because not only does he talk about personal finance in a way that a 20-year-old can relate to, but he is also very candid and open about his actual numbers and what he spends on including his net worth. By him being an open book, it gave me an example that by being persistent and having a strategy, you can definitely achieve Financial Independence!

I hope you guys check out some of these blogs and if you like one of them, come back here and leave a comment on which one is your favorite! Also, if you have any other blog recommendations for me whether it is specific to finance, athletics, or otherwise, tell me about it in the comment section below!