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Top 5 Podcast I Listen To!

The discovery of podcasts for me was an interesting journey. I would spend a lot time in the car driving to and from workouts or taking trips from school to go back home and I had 3 options. I would either listen to music, call my friends or listen to podcasts. After a while you can only listen to the same songs for so long, and you can only catch up with so many people but there were tons of different podcasts out there with more episodes than you can imagine. I started listening to podcasts as a way to simply make my car ride go by faster but the more I started actually listening and paying attention to what was being said, I actually started looking forward to the times I would be in the car! I realized that there was so much information out there on a variety of topics and that there were people willing to share what they’ve learned and their life experiences to help other people! It was inspiring to hear stories of people who started at the same spot as I am right now and work their way up to a big business or empire and what they learned along the way.

Now that I am overseas I still find time to listen to them. I’ll listen to them while I am heading to practice, or while I am lifting, or even just sitting in my apartment relaxing. My goal is to one day be on a podcast as a guest feature and share the knowledge that I’ve learned and to give back and help other people. With that being said here are my top 5podcasts I like to listen to and a little background on what they’re about.

  1. Optimal Finance Daily

  • This was the first podcast I ever listened to. I just typed in business on the search bar in Apple Podcasts and this was one of the ones that came up. I like it because they are usually pretty short episodes and they have a wide range of topics from budgeting, how to get out of debt, investing and many more. The way they function is the host narrates stories from personal finance blogs and articles, so you are getting different viewpoints on many different financial topics! It’s definitely a good place to start if you are looking to get into listening podcasts related to business!

  1. His and Her Money

  • This is the newest podcast I started listening to. This was referred to me by a friend who told me about this over summer and she was actually a guest feature on it just a couple of weeks ago! It is run by a black couple and they talk about money topics, marriage, and everything in between as they say. I really like the topics they cover such as going from debt to wealth, living your heart out, investing and real estate, as well as how God should be a part of your finances! I really like how they cover a wide range of topics and they also feature some great guests as well!

  1. Bigger Pockets: Real Estate, Money Show

  • The Bigger Pockets Real Estate show was referred to me by a friend and he had told me it gave a lot of insight into the world of real estate. Real Estate is one of the areas I’m interested in and they have a ton of knowledge on basically every aspect of real estate and also ways you can get creative with it! They’ve created a great online community and have a website called Bigger Pockets and this podcast is a subset of that. The great thing about real estate is that it can help speed your process along to reaching FI and they are all types of different strategies you can use to be successful. They have great guests and talk about partnerships, negotiation, getting deals for no money down and much more and would definitely recommend it if you’re trying to learn more about real estate!

  • Close to almost a year later I found that they had another podcast through bigger pockets called The Bigger Pockets Money Podcast. They focus on how to reach financial freedom through cutting expenses, investing, using real estate to help that, entrepreneurship, and many other money related topics. They keep things interesting and always bring a lot of energy when they are on, as well as feature great guests who have a lot of knowledge.

  1. The No Chill Podcast

  • This is a basketball podcast put on by Gilbert Arenas who is a former NBA legend. I follow him on Instagram and while he posts some pretty funny stuff on IG, I came across this when I was scrolling one day, and he had a post about this podcast he was starting. I decided to check it out and now it is one of my favorite ones I look forward to listening to every week! He gives a totally different perspective on everything from what systems work for players and why, evaluating talent, his training philosophy and what separated him from everyone else, and why he thinks it’s important for NBA greats to give back to the next generation of upcoming players. Of course he is funny along the way, but he is a really intelligent guy and his perspectives and basketball knowledge made me think about the game in a whole different way!

  1. We Study Billionaires

  • This is a podcast I recently started and have only listened to about 3 episodes. It is run by two guys who study a billionaire, will play some interviews where that person has said something significant, and then will analyze what has made them successful and how you can apply those traits to your life. Someone doesn’t become a billionaire by accident, and it involves a lot of hard work, dedication, success as well as failure, and believing in what you are doing. While you might not have a goal of being a billionaire, you can still incorporate some of the trait’s billionaires have!

I hope that after reading this you try one of these out next time you are in the car or doing chores around the house! These have greatly impacted me and expanded my knowledge on a wide variety of topics. If there is a podcast you already listen to, drop the name of it below in the comments and I will check it out!