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Why I Decided to Start this Blog

My name is Roderick Mills Jr. and I am a recent graduate of Miami University. While playing on the Men's Basketball team for 4 years, I also received a degree in Finance from the Farmer School of Business. My journey at Miami was different in the fact that while many of my teammates were Sports Leadership and Management majors, which was a very popular athlete major and very good, I was the only scholarship player on my team who was in the business school. Balancing being in Farmer while having the time commitment of playing basketball was very tough at times, but I wanted that challenge. This required a lot of sacrifice and many times when teammates and friends were playing video games and relaxing, I was having to put in long hours at the library or studying.

There were not many student athletes in Farmers and I saw that as an issue. I also noticed that there was a lack of knowledge in basic business concepts and financial literacy that everyone should know especially athletes but it wasn't being taught unless you majored or minored in business. Because of this I wanted to look for a way to help bridge that gap.

My last year at Miami I began reading many business-related books, listening to a lot of business podcasts as well as basketball podcasts, and also reading a lot of different personal finance blogs. I saw myself getting sucked into all of this and trying to learn all of these new ideas any chance I could get. Because of this, I started thinking about how I could combine the two things I am passionate about, basketball and finance.

By being able to live out my childhood dream and getting to play professional basketball, I knew this was a unique opportunity that I could make the most of by combining these two fields I have a lot of knowledge in. I had looked around and saw that no one had really done something like this and wanted to see if I could create something that would not only help track my journey and be a way that people could connect and keep up with me, but also help others that have questions about playing professional basketball and the business aspect of it, as well as why it is important to understand money and personal finance.  

I sought the help of one of my mentors in Farmers and asked her if she could connect me with someone that could help me with this. She put me in touch with a professor in the marketing department and then he guided me towards a professional fraternity in the fields of marketing and sales on campus called PSE which does marketing and branding projects for many different companies like P&G, The Cincinnati Reds, J.P. Morgan, and many others. The president happened to be one of my good friends and he was very excited to help me with this project. He then assembled a team of 3 people and over the  course of the summer, the team and I worked hand and hand to create a personal brand for me as well as this blog. I am proud to say they did a great job and that it was one of the most exciting times I’ve experienced by creating something out of just an idea!

I had never thought of myself as being a writer or starting a business but I decided to try something new and put myself out there. I want this to be something where people can keep up with me as well as gain tips on financial literacy, reaching your full potential and for me it's a way for me to give back and help others with what I have learned. My goal is to post once a week and as time goes on hopefully increase it to a couple times of week. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and  following me along this journey!